Best Online Research Resources

Best Online Research Resources  - Wikipedia may be one of the finest bets to dig out data about just about any topic these days. On the other hand, whenever you need particular answers, Yahoo Answers may be very useful, though they might not be too informative. So, let us see some of the best online study tools.

Web 2 . 0 & Book-marking Web sites

On the flip side, social book-marking services like and happen to be growing in reputation and they could be a great asset to research something particular over the internet. Who knows whenever you may possibly come cross some useful data on these places, which might be extremely useful for your next collegiate level project, or to complete your project.

Additionally is also known to be good for collecting specific info instead of general data, while Bing (Bing search) is known to be the very best on-line study tool to gather images about everything.


It’s an era of free information for sure, and open source however you probably won’t feel dissapointed about spending just $29 for Britannica’s electronic encyclopedia, which brings together the knowledge of almost a few hundreds of years. So, stop worrying about locating additional info from non-Wiki places. In the end who would like to cite Wiki as the source of your final year project, do you?

In addition to this, you receive free use of all their on-line articles by purchasing their DVD, rendering it a comprehensive study package to satisfy all your needs. But, obviously there is lot of totally free assistance on the offer; so you could possibly consider the other options prior to investing money on buying a copy of Britannica’s electronic digital encyclopedia.

JERAD – Training Sources Information Center

Moreover, you could also consider using websites like ERIC (Education Resources Information Center), which is considered to be the largest electronic digital selection of knowledge books available today on the web.

Internet Public Library (IPL)

The Internet Public Library, (known as the TRY in short) is a not for profit web site run at Drexel University (primarily by college students), which has been made public on May 5, 2002 (founded at the Higher education of Michigan’s School of Information). Whenever you visit IPL, you can ask a reference question, which is swiftly answered by volunteer librarians, as well as graduate students. IPL has been 1 of the most study tools for students as well as research scholars.

Moreover, IPL4 has emerged out due to a merger with the LII (Librarians’ Internet Index) as well as the IPL (Internet Public Library), that is anticipated to be a lot more resourceful than the IPL itself.

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