Affiliate Marketing Online Or Maybe Offline

Affiliate Marketing Online Or Maybe Offline, When I finally made up my mind that this was what I wanted to do I had absolutely no idea how much work this was going to be. Now do not misunderstand me I really love Internet Marketing. I to be successful and will be it just takes time. I hate to say this but, if you see these crazy ads or you get emails saying they have the next big program that will make you rich Do Not fall for it. I am not saying that any of their programs are bad there is just more involved than just signing up they give you software and boom you make money. Affiliate Marketing does not work like that at all there is just so much more to it than that. You have to have a website, hosting, a domain name, a auto-responder and plenty of patience. I have received a bunch of great information from different people who are making a name for themselves. I have also gotten some good software and bought some pretty good software. Now the bad is I have bought into some bad software programs too. I will give you an example, I purchased this program that came with software that was going to help me get my website ranked high in the search engines. Oh it was supposed to be easy just follow the videos and copy this paste that and instant rankings to put you in the number one spot on Google! That was the sales pitch and this is a membership site too so that means that you pay them monthly to use the software. What they do not tell you is all the other work that you had to do to get the software to work. The stuff I had been doing manually, I was still having to do. The only part that was somewhat fast was the web 2.0 sites they sign you up on. Now you still have to be watching what is going on unless you want to buy some other software to make the decaptcha auto-mated. There was an upgrade to the software I just bought and had to pay money for so, they wanted more money. The bottom line is, that it was a very bad choice on my part I should have know better.

Now the Offline Marketing I’ve been exploring as well. It has to do with all the same principles that you are doing with Online Marketing. The difference is you are getting your business from businesses in your town or city that you live in. What you are doing is getting paid for getting their business to rank high with the search engines. So, all the knowledge I have obtained in learning how to be a Internet Marketer I will be using to profit by selling to them. You will have to do all the same things post articles, improve the SEO of their website or, make them a website. Get links going to the website so you are creating traffic for them. Which is what you are trying to do when you want people to come to your site to sell your products is what you are doing for businesses. It sounds like a really good plan to me but, I am sure I will need to learn how to contact these people. Most businesses do not want sales-people just showing up to pitch a product. Either one that I do or you decide to do I am sure that if you put your mind to it you will make it work. I know I am going to make it work for, I am starting to see people coming to my site to check out what I have to offer. All I have is me, I am not going to produce some big screen shots of these hundred thousand ClickBank payouts. I have me, my honesty and my true desire to help someone. If I am helping someone it can only help me.

My name is Kimberly Varner I am a 46 year young woman married with two grown children, two grandkids and two dogs. I don’t have two husbands though think I would go crazy if I did! I have really enjoyed writing this article. I hope that you have read something that will help you to decide if this is what you want to do. If you want to learn more visit my website for more free tips. I utilize Clickbank Wealth Formula to assist myself to produce cash. Source:

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