6 Simple Tips For Getting Out Of Debt

6 Simple Tips For Getting Out Of Debt - This article is written for those who find themselves having too much debt and want to learn ways to help bring down the debt. If you find yourself buried in a mountain of debt, I strongly urge you to spend few minutes and read this article carefully. It doesn’t matter how high is your debt, if you really determine to get yourself out of debt, you can. This article will show you how.

Follow and use the following tips to help tackle your debt and bring it down to size:

1. Never buy things that you can’t afford. If you really like to buy something but you can’t afford it right now, then do not buy it. Go and save up for it. Many people buy things emotionally, don’t fall for this, just take a deep breath and tell yourself that you will wait until you save enough money. By staying within budget and paying off your bills every month, you don’t need to worry about debt piling up on top of you.

2. Pay off the lowest balance first. Financial advisor Suze Orman often advises people in debt to take care of the higher interest debts first. In general, this is a good way to go, however, if you have a credit card with a balance of only a couple hundred dollars, it would also be beneficial to knock that one off right out of the gate. You can eliminate a whole payment, save on interest charges, and put that money towards another bill.

3. Prioritize bills by interest rate. In the long run, paying off the higher interest cards first will save you the most money. It’s usually the interest that keeps knocking you back. By taking out the higher interest cards, you’ll feel a greater sense of progress when paying your bills every month.

4. Don’t use credit card. Credit card is a great invention, very convenient and easy but BEWARE… its strength is also its worse weakness. Because it is so easy and convenient, people are just whipping it out from their wallets and swipe it. Only to get a big shock when the bills arrive at their mail box.

I would say that credit card is only good for those who has the money in the bank and has zero debt so that they can pay off the bills. If you have debt, do not use credit card otherwise you will end up with more debt.

5. Track your money. Go get a pen and paper right now. Write down all your monthly expenses. Make sure you write them down as detail as possible. Then, go through the list of your monthly expenses and cross out those that are nice to have but you don’t really need them. This is a great way to make sure that you are only spending on stuff that you really need.

6. Learn to earn more money. The reason why people get into debt is because they spend more than they can afford. And the reason they spend more than they can afford is because they don’t have sufficient money. So, the only solution for lack of money is to earn more money.

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I have shared with you some great tips to bring down your debt in this article. I hope you are going to put the information into good use. These tips work if you apply them!

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