How can I make money using website?

How can I make money using website? - I have heard people talking about making money after building website. any thought outthere about how one can make money using a website. any reasonable thoughts willbe appreciated.

There are several ways of making money from a website other than selling products or services. Many companies (even argos) offfer affiliate programs whereby you advertise their site on yours, and if someone clicks from your site to theirs and makes a buy, you get a percentage of the sale. And then there is Cost per Click advertising, like google adsense. you show their ads on your site and simply get paid if a visitor clicks an ad (anywhere from pennies to pounds). both these systems rely on high visitor traffic, but there are sites out there tens of thousands of hits a day, earning site owners thousands of pounds a month.

Hi! I doubt if anyone is going to hand you a fantastic thought on a plate so you will just have to do some work by yourself – here are a few pointers.

1. you will need to choose what it is you want to sell through your site.
2. you will then to check out the competition.
3. you will then have to question yourself what makes your product/service different from the competition.
4. by checking the competitions' sites you will be able to work out who your target market is. will then have to tailor your web site to reflect the type of business you intend to set up.

In conjunction to this it is a good thought to do a business plot as it will show you how much money you will need to get off the ground, how much it will cost to run it, how much income you should make ( This is called a cash flow projection and should cover a 3 year period ).

Hope that helped and good luck.

I reckon most people would keep there thoughts to themselves especially if there is a really good chance they can make money from it. Wouldn't make sense to pass the thought on to make competition for ones self.

Look in Yellow Pages website and find businesses that don't have a site – approach and flog!

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