What are affiliate programs?

What are affiliate programs? Traders who are selling products online are always looking for ways to attract customers to their websites. One way they do is offer affiliate commissions to whom and refer a client. If you have a website you can affiliate with that merchant and promote their products. Usually the merchant will pay a commission for each sale you refer. This is basically an affiliate program.

This business model allows you to earn money simply by advertising the products that others sell. It's like having to own online trading but do not worry about high investment in inventory, employees, etc. It is ideal for people who already have a job because you can work in free time, hours per week, and you can do from home or anywhere you have internet access.

How does this by referring customers?

For example, a trader can make available to affiliates, promotional images or banners, the member can put on your website. So you can take those images that gives the trader and put on your website. Visitors who come to your site see the ad and if interested make you click, which leads to the merchant's site. At that time the merchants that was you who referred to that guest, and then if the sale occurs, you are assigned the commission to your affiliate account. It is important to note that this does not work by magic, but with specialized systems that handle the clicks rastraear to know from which member. Traders have many ways to implement this and it is important to know exactly how does the trader you are thinking of a member. ! If you do not mention question!

Do I need a website in order to become an affiliate?

In general, yes, but there are affiliate programs that allow customers to refer other means or can you provide a site if you have not already.
What should I ask the dealer before joining and how do I know which of the programs you choose?

Anyone can register for free to these programs without having an own website and earn money with affiliate programs increasingly recommending products from companies that offer these programs.

How do you know the recommended affiliate product?

When a person joins a program of this type, is given a "link" unique and distinctive on what used to promote the product or service. In this way, the company can track referrals and sales are made through that particular affiliate.

How much and how these companies paid to affiliate?

This depends on the type of program to which the person is a member of and is stipulated in the agreement to register. The program can pay with different schemes:

PPS (Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Sale): This is the most common and popular scheme payment from affiliate programs. A person promotes products of a company and receives a percentage of the sale of that product. The percentages vary from 2% to 75% of the sale and sometimes reach up to 100%. The percentage varies according to product type. Generally, lower-margin products, pay less percentage.

PPC (Pay per Click or Pay Per Click): As its name indicates, this scheme you get paid every time someone gives the ad or click through the link that you promote a product, service or page. Logically, the commission paid for each click is much lower than that offered by PPS products and is generally a fixed amount established by click. This amount may increase according to the affiliate sends traffic. The members of these programs, they need to redirect a lot of traffic up through their links to monetize substantial amounts.

PPL (Pay Per Lead or Pay by reference): This program pays its affiliates only when your referrals perform some action that the company requires. In this case, fill out a template and leave your name, email, address, or what the company requires. There are variations of this type of payment called Pay Per Action or other names, but always linked to an action that has to make the referral to the member receives his commission.

Affiliate programs are extremely powerful in nature, benefiting both companies and their affiliates.

On the one hand, companies may have thousands of people promoting their products without having to pay until a sale or action set is realized. This means advertising, visibility and promotion of their products for free!

From the point of view of members, they have the opportunity to earn unlimited amounts of money linked to their performance, the mere fact of having a computer and an Internet connection can start his own promotion business from home and times as they wish.

These programs are very popular in the block of the English-speaking countries. Is a system which the Americans qualify as a no-brainer "(it's so simple to see its benefits, no-brainer) so it is easy to visualize these schemes become increasingly common in all speaking countries Spanish and worldwide.

There are thousands of companies in the world taking advantage of affiliate programs to increase the scope of promotion of their products. Likewise, millions of people get a monthly income by promoting their products this way.

Later I'll give you good ideas about how you can develop a profitable business

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