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The Web has become thanks to the tremendous expansion of the Internet, a major advertising media. Thanks to advertising on the Internet, the Webmaster can benefit by selling advertising on our websites, eg Google Adwords ads are a clear example of the power of Internet advertising and the amount of money that can reach move. There are many ways to earn money with your website, then an explanation of the most used and important. Make Money with your web

Making Money With Advertising in ads or banners:

This way of making money is the most common, this is because any site can benefit as it only requires that you have a few hits a day, and a space to place an ad on your site, there are two types: those that earn money for impressions, which is the number of times a website is shown on the screen of a user. And they earn money for each visit, when a user clicks on the banner and go to the advertiser's page. And also there where you can sell links on your website. There are many companies using this form of advertising, but certainly the most widespread and well known is the famous Google adsense.

Make Money with SMS:

You've been surfing the Internet one page, to download anything or access a service had to send a text message to a 4 digit number from a mobile phone. Well this is offered by some companies for other webmasters to use it in exchange companies the money they earn will pay a portion to the webmaster. Often very common earn money with your web pages on sex, mobile logos and ringtones, downloads, and games. You get to make more money than advertising ads, of course it also requires a greater dedication, and having or making a web adapted to it, but you can get to win 1 € or more per message.
Make Money With Affiliates, casinos and betting:

In this case, your job is to build users affiliate programs casinos, gambling and other similar programs. These programs usually require a deposit at the time of registration, you can earn a substantial amount of money per user that is registered, and in the case of betting and casinos a percentage of what you win or you lose the user who registered. The amounts can range between $ 10 and $ 200 per record.
Earn money by getting referrals

It is difficult to get referrals in such companies as your referral is required to have a website and is interested in form. On the other hand, the referrals that are obtained are much safer and more reliable and will continue to generate profits, with little to achieve and earn more money than hundred in other ways.

- Profits far superior to other forms, unlimited.
- Stability and progressive gains.
- Various forms, customizable.

- Requires at least know html, or better programming.
- It takes time and dedication progressive.

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