Want Your Blog in Love by Google

In making websites, not just profits are factors you must take, but the quality of good website design or its content also needs to be maintained. Quality design and content are classified as good according to Google's search engine, the following are its features:

  1. Website by arrangement and a clear text link. Each page must be achieved at least one static text link.
  2. Website that offers a sitemap for visitors with a direct link to the important parts of your website, the sitemap if there are more than 100 links, you should separate the site map to a different page.
  3. Find the keywords that are highly sought other people and make sure that your website does contain the keyword in it.
  4. Try to use text instead of images, if you want to display the name, describe the content or links. Google will not recognize text contained in images.
  5. Make sure the title of TAG and ALT attributes that you use accurate and describes the website.
  6. Diligently check whether there are dead links or incorrect HTML code, because Google does not like the broken link.
  7. If you use dynamic pages (such as URLs that contain characters mark "?"), Be careful because not every search enggine able to index dynamic pages. Try to make as short as possible and the parameters a little.
  8. Make sure the links in your pages in a reasonable amount (no more than 100 links).
  9. Diligent to post or update the website every day.
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