Cara Mudah Mendownload Video Youtube Menjadi MP3

Cara Mudah Mendownload Video Youtube Menjadi MP3 kali ini admin Tutorial Blog informasikan untuk anda, Langkah-langkahnya sebagai berikut :

Pilihlah Video Youtube yang akan anda download sebagai format MP3 nantinya. Lalu copy URL-nya pada address bar browser chrome atau mozila firefox

Buka situs dan masukkan URL yang anda copy tadi pada kolom yang disediakan (hapus saja link contoh yang ada di dalamnya). Jika sudah klik Convert Video.

Setelah konversi yang cepat itu selesai anda akan melihat sebuah link download. Silahkan diklik link download itu.

Akan muncul dialog box yang mengkonfirmasi pilihan anda. Pilih SAVE dan klik OK. Jika semuanya lancar saja, maka anda akan mendapatkan file MP3 yang anda inginkan dalam kualitas yang sama dengan videonya.

Demikianlah informasi mengenai Cara Mudah Mendownload Video Youtube Menjadi MP3. Semoga bermanfaat.

Cara Mudah Menghasilkan Uang Lewat Internet

Cara Mudah Menghasilkan Uang Lewat Internet kali ini admin Tutorial Blogger informasikan untuk anda.  Ada 4 cara mudah untuk mendapatkan uang lewat internet. Dibawah ini adalah garis besarnya. 

1. Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Internet Melalui Blogging

  • Menjual Produk Sendiri Di Blog
  • Mengikuti Program Afiliasi (affiliate marketing)
  • Menjual Jasa
  • Jadi Publisher Iklan
Desain Template
2. Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Internet Dengan Mengikuti Survey Online
3. Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Internet Dengan Aplikasi Android
4. Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Internet Dengan Publisher Video YouTube

Demikianlah informasi mengenai Cara Mudah Menghasilkan Uang Lewat Internet.  Semoga anda terinspirasi untuk melakukan ke 4 cara diatas.

Purchasing Vehicle Insurance Policy Online

Purchasing Vehicle Insurance Policy Online - Several decades ago, auto insurance was not necessary; it was up to individuals to decide whether or not they wanted to be insured. However, today, vehicle insurance is a necessity for car owners. Owners of vehicles, whether modest or luxurious, need an auto coverage policy. Obtain our quotes today and check out Good to go insurance for the incredible rates.

People's attitude towards purchasing coverage has significantly changed over time. Years ago, getting vehicle insurance was as simple as contacting a local agent and demanding for a policy. Nevertheless, the process has slightly changed: you now have loads of options from which you can choose a specific plan that best suits your vehicle insurance needs.

You may be better off bye-passing local agents and get direct access to the firm through the internet, but you must be ready to handle most of the task all alone. This would entail comparing various policy providers; their packages, rates, and magnitude of their coverage. Then, you may now have a discussion with the firm you feel most comfortable with. When an accident occurs, you are saved from a lot of stress and troubles under Go auto insurance company with significant liability coverage. Good2go insurance will help you save a lot more in the future.

While some insurance firms do not make it mandatory for clients to work with their agents, some companies do not employ agents. Purchasing coverage online is your best bet, especially when you are mostly on tight daily schedules and needs low-budget vehicle insurance. Direct online purchase of insurance plans helps you skip commissions you ought to have paid to agents. However, if you are ignorant of your vehicle insurance needs, you may make a wrong decision in purchasing coverage online without the guidance of a representative.

Selecting a Suitable Insurance Policy

Following your selection of a preferred insurance firm, you must also choose a policy that fits your need. The three popular types of plans are traditional auto insurance, Usage-based vehicle insurance, and Per-mile Vehicle insurance.

1. Traditional Auto Insurance Here, the policy quote is determined by the insurers and with the help of policyholder’s information like customer's age, driving records, credit score, and sex. The more exposed you are to risk, the higher insurance rates to be paid. You can, however, ask for the lowest policy rates based on the state law, or better still, choose from an extensive list of a variety of vehicle insurance coverage. Regardless of the particular category, you can rest, assured of Good 2 go Insurance commitment to providing you the best policy that fits your insurance demand.

2. Usage-based auto insurance

Contrary to the traditional Vehicle Insurance, usage-based auto insurance companies provide car insurance for you, by monitoring your real life actions. To obtain quotes at Good2 go insurance under this type of Vehicle insurance, you will be required to plug-in a telematic device. The device is meant to record your driving manner and attitude, especially your unacceptable driving habits like hard breaking and accelerating.

If the device records show that the way you drive comes with low-risk, the usage-based vehicle insurance allows you save more cash. However, if the device records reveal that you are usually on the roads at nights or a fast driver, then you may not be able to save on your auto insurance. Also, a lot of usage-based vehicle insurance plans may not be found in all states. So you may have to change your insurance company if you move to another state where the insurance plan is not available.

3. Per-mile auto insurance

This insurance plan also involves the use of a telematic device, but unlike the Usage-based insurance, the Par-mile auto insurance focuses on a single thing, which is the frequency at which you use your vehicle. Just like the Usage-based, the Per-mile car insurance is still not available in most states; because it is a new program. Of all the providers, Metromile is the most reputable carrier of per-mile vehicle insurance and currently has its services spread across seven states which include Illinois, Washington, Virginia, Oregon, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California.

To determine your insurance rates, providers of per-mile coverage also employ similar elements like in the case of traditional insurers; however, the telematic devices can help you save some money. If you fall into the categories of drivers who seldom use their cars except for emergencies, then you may be saving a lot on premiums. On the other hand, if you are always driving, you may not be saving money on your coverage.

Shop Around

Whichever way you choose to buy your car insurance; be it directly from a provider online or a local agent, one thing is needful - you must make some comparison among different packages to know the best rates. Don’t opt for the first plan you come across; do some more research. This is important because two companies can offer the same coverage but with a significant difference of as high as some thousands of dollars in their rates. So comparing offers from different providers will give you the best deal.
Purchasing Vehicle Insurance Policy Online

Tips to develop a relationship with your customers

Tips to develop a relationship with your customers - When running a business, the key of achieving success is to create and nurture a strong relationship with your clients. People will not buy from a company they perceive as simply a business, because they prefer to establish a relationship with the company. If you have a strong relation with your customers, it means that they will choose you on long-term, and they will do business with your company every time they need to buy services and products specific to your firm. When you are working in the yacht selling industry, you know that you have to establish a strong relationship with your clients, because there are not many people who afford buying this type of boat. So when you try to establish a relationship with your customers you have to use particular strategies of Yacht Marketing to engage them. Pay attention to some strategies, because they will prove very useful on the long run.

The first step when trying to find loyal customers, is to meet them in persons, considering that are not so many people who would buy yachts, you will not find difficult to get in touch with them, and promote your products. You should ask them about their concerns and interests when it comes to this type of boat, because you have to know from the beginning what it works and what does not, for every one of the possible clients. You should make notes, about their preferences because in this way you will know when to show them on offer. But you should not have the misconception that once you have a number of clients, you should not look for other ones. You should always promote your products, and for this, you should build a marketing campaign. When it comes to marketing, it is important to work with a company that is specialized in yacht video marketing, because they will know how to design the campaign in such a way to find you the best customers. They will deliver the finest visual media that will engage your customers. They will make sure that they will display your boats and company, and will help you increase your sales.

It is important to create your campaign in such a way to show possible clients both the interior and exterior of the boats, so you should ask the photography and video provider if they offer these two services. In the majority of cases people need nothing else, than a few pictures to see the boat, so you should make sure that the ones taken by the marketing company would show the best aspects of your yachts. Before building your campaign, you should research your customers, because you have to know what they are interested in. Ask specific questions about their needs and make sure that your boats will meet their level of satisfaction. If you analyze the market research, you will understand its requirements, and you will be able to have a clear idea of the bigger picture of the particular segment of customers that interests you.
Tips to develop a relationship with your customers

Booking the Right Hotel For Family Holiday Fun

Booking the Right Hotel For Family Holiday Fun.,- When planning a family holiday it is crucial that you book the right destination, the right hotel, the most convenient flights and the right family travel policy. You need to consider what it is that your kids enjoy doing and what will keep them occupied, while catering to your own holiday desires too. A great place to start is with the accommodation. As long as the hotel is spot on, you know you are on to a good thing, but booking a great family friendly hotel is not always easy.

Here are some considerations to take on board if you want to avoid making any decisions that you might regret later.

Don’t Always Go For a Hotel Out of the City

You can be forgiven for thinking that a hotel out of the city might be quieter and possibly even safer than one in the city centre, but think again. Family Travel Magazine suggests that a more central hotel is actually a better option if you have children with you. A city centre location means that all of the attractions are closer, and after a long day of sightseeing, when the children are tired, you only have a short journey back to your hotel. Being in the city centre also reduces the need for public transport, which can be an extra stress if you have a buggy with you.

Although hotels located outside of the crowded city centre might be deemed safer, this is not necessarily true. Sometimes, the more crowded a place, the safer you are. Regardless of location, however, as long as you have your family travel policy up to date, you can rest assured you are covered should anything untoward occur.

Staying central might be a little more expensive, but on the whole it will definitely work out more convenient.

Check Out Kids’ Dining Options

It is all very well booking a fabulous city centre hotel full of great amenities, but if there is no restaurant that will cater for your kids, then you could be in trouble. If kids are fed well they will be happy, and although many kids will eat adult meals, toddlers in particular can be forgiven for not wanting something from an à la carte menu.

Before you book, it is a good idea to ask the hotel what they can offer children or if they can suggest cafes or restaurants close by that have children’s menus. Some hotels have microwaves in the room, which is good news if you are travelling with very young ones.

Book a Family Room

Make sure you ask the hotel what they can offer in terms of room arrangements. Some hotels have adjacent rooms with an adjoining corridor, which is perfect for older, more independent children. Rooms separated by a door are better for parents with younger children, as the adults can maintain some privacy but still hear the little ones should there be an issue.

Don’t Forget About the Extras

Some hotels and resorts offer extras for families, so make sure that you are in the know. Ask about babysitting services, kids’ clubs, kids’ pools and other baby related items that will make your room safer for your toddlers and reduce the risk of you needing to use that family travel policy.

Washers and dryers are also worth asking about, as many hotels and resorts have these facilities, which reduce the worry about packing enough clothes. A shop on site is also a great benefit when you are on a family trip, just in case the little ones need a snack or extra bits and pieces.

Family holidays are the stuff of treasured memories, so remember to be organised, do your research before you go, and invest in a family travel policy for real peace of mind.
Booking the Right Hotel For Family Holiday Fun. Travel & Tourism, Insurance

Your URL as Part of Your SEO

Your URL as Part of Your SEO., - When you are working on your SEO in Los Angeles, one thing that may not be getting as much attention as it should is your URL. Your URL plays an important role in your SEO that you may not even realize. Even though search engines change their criteria often, the importance of your URL hasn’t changed. The best news about this is that optimizing your URL is fairly easy and doesn’t take much time at all. It is something you could easily add on to your SEO services in Los Angeles.

Keep It Short

Search engines prefer shorter URLs. This could be because they are easier to remember or they are easier to read. Keeping your URL short can go a long way towards helping make it more search engine friendly.


Popping some keywords into your URL is also a good idea. You should make sure that you don’t stuff it, but using some carefully placed keywords can give you a good boost in the search rankings. Stick with one or two keywords for the best results.


It is also important that your URL is readable and makes sense. People want to be able to make out what your URL says without hassle. Watch out for unintended words that may appear or confusing text. If it isn’t easy to make out what your URL says, then you should consider changing it to be clearer. For example, if your URL currently is shopatourstoreinhartfordnow, it is probably a bit too complex and words run together too much for someone to easily decipher what it says. A better URL that sends the same message would be:shophartford. This is simple and uses your two main keywords—shop and Hartford.


If possible, you should always use “https” over “http.” Search engines usually give priority to “https” sites. You should always be putting forth the most secure site possible, especially if you are selling items because you have to build trust with your visitors. They have to know it is safe to buy from your site or they won’t.

Domain Names

While .com is going to always be a top choice for a domain name, if you can’t use it, then you need to choose a domain name carefully. There are many different options available now. In the past, you were pretty much stuck with .com or .net if you weren’t an education site or a government site. Now, however, you have options like .biz, .info, .travel and .name. The domain name you choose will help to identify your site, so choose carefully. For example, if you are selling things from your site, a .info domain name probably would seem misleading. Instead, you should use .biz.

Other Tips

Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to SEO in Los Angeles and your URL is that you make sure your URLs are as descriptive as possible. You have probably seen a site where the URL includes a bunch of random numbers and letters at the end. This isn’t really helpful. Instead, use descriptive terms and keywords that will attract search engine attention. For example, instead of, you could use The second one is more descriptive and tells visitors what this page is all about.

Also, avoid using characters that could pose a problem. In general, you can use any number or letter. Other safe characters include the question mark, dollar sign, exclamation point and asterisk. Other symbols or characters should be used with caution. You should avoid using certain characters, like the hashtag, arrows and spaces. Bad characters can create a broken link or prevent a search engine from being able to find your site.

The Bottom Line

The URLs you use on your website are incredibly important. They are how people get to your site. In addition, the search engines look at them when ranking your site. This is why it is so important that they are included as part of your SEO Los Angeles. Optimizing your URL isn’t something that should take you too long. It can actually be done rather quickly by just looking at a few things like length, keywords, security and domain name. By reviewing your URLs, you can actually boost your search engine rankings.
Your URL as Part of Your SEO